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Warm Weather Weddings at our Outdoor Venue in Red Wing

Planning a scenic outdoor summer wedding in Red Wing, Minnesota, involves a careful orchestration of natural beauty and meticulous details to create an unforgettable celebration. The town’s rich history and picturesque landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Selecting the perfect venue is paramount, and Red Wing offers a variety of options, from lush gardens to charming vineyards, each with its own unique charm. The Mississippi River and the iconic Barn Bluff enhance the scenery, offering breathtaking views that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

To ensure a seamless experience, it is essential to consider the logistics of an outdoor wedding. The summer months in Red Wing provide ideal weather, but planning for contingencies such as sudden rain showers is prudent. Renting elegant tents and providing shaded areas can ensure the comfort of guests. Collaborating with local vendors who understand the area’s climate and terrain can add a touch of authenticity and ease to the planning process. From floral arrangements that complement the natural surroundings to locally sourced cuisine, every detail should reflect the essence of Red Wing.

In addition to the visual and logistical aspects, the ambiance of a summer wedding in Red Wing can be elevated through thoughtful touches that engage all senses. Soft music, perhaps featuring local musicians, can provide a melodious backdrop to the festivities. As the day turns into evening, the warm glow of lanterns and fairy lights can create a magical atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the local hospitality, indulging in activities such as wine tasting at nearby vineyards or exploring the charming town. By embracing the unique elements of Red Wing, a summer wedding here becomes more than an event—it becomes a cherished memory woven into the hearts of all who attend.

One of the Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Minnesota

There’s a lot behind the scenes to make us one of the leading Minnesota wedding venues. It’s not just one thing but rather a combination of things. From the stunning natural surroundings of our beautiful property and round barn to the exceptional team that helps you curate your dream wedding, we attend to every detail of your wedding and ensure that your day is as special as you want it to be.

There are several ceremony and reception locations to choose from at our round barn wedding venue, too, which allows you to personalize the wedding of your dreams. The Round Barn, for which our property was named, was built in 1914 and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It’s one of the last round barns of its kind left in the state of Minnesota. It lends a lovely sense of rustic elegance to your wedding and is surrounded by 35 acres of equally beautiful fields, woodlands, and bluffs.

We offer two different wedding packages, with single-day events starting at $4295. At a minimum, these single-day packages afford you the choice between two outdoor venues, use of our reception pavilion, including chairs, tables, setup, and takedown, a bonfire after your reception, use of our historic round barn for your dance or cocktails, on-site parking, the honeymoon suite on the night of your wedding, and space for the groomsmen and bridal party to get ready.

We can’t think of a more beautiful venue to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime event. Moreover, we offer one of the biggest Minnesota wedding venues and can comfortably accommodate various wedding sizes, from intimate elopements to elaborate events. Aside from helping you choose the perfect location for your nuptials, the experienced team at our wedding venue in Minnesota will also connect you with local vendors who will work with you to make your day special, unique, and exactly what you dreamed it would be.

Our Minnesota wedding venue also has four additional Bed and Breakfast guest rooms to accommodate your bridal party and/or family members. We’re also more than happy to accommodate or recommend places to hold your rehearsal dinners and other wedding-related celebrations, including things to do here locally both before and after your big day. With so much on offer, it’s easy to see why we’re ranked as one of the best Minnesota wedding venues for 2023!

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