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Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Your reception and dinner is a huge part of your wedding day. Your guests will be blown away by the beauty of the decorations on the tables they sit at for half of the night. There are ideas for all styles and all feels for all types of weddings! Take a look at some beautiful inspiring ideas for your table decor that your guests will love!

Simple Florals

You can’t go wrong with some greenery down the middle with beautiful colored flowers down the table. This is a great way to get a pop of color in or tie in your color scheme!

Rustic With Candles

This rustic table set up is perfect for barn settings and the Fall season. There are so many ways to do this, you can even incorporate burlap or other rustic touches.

Flowers in Vases

Flowers in vases are a great way to conserve table space and also add some color to your tables. It makes for a clean simple look!

Formal Full Space Floral

This formal table decor inspiration will have guests in awe. It uses the space of the tables really well and also gives you more of a formal feel at your wedding. If you are wanting to go all out on decorations, this look is the one for you!

Delicate Babies Breath and Lanterns

Babies Breath goes good with everything! It is the perfect accent for many styles and looks so delicate especially on your wedding day. It accents wood and greens beautifully! If you want simple but still elegant, decorate your tables like this!

Table Runners

Table runners are perfect for adding a pop of color or filling out more of your table. They also are the perfect base for adding candles, lanterns or greens on top of them. You can also use simple fabric pieces for a more casual and rustic look.

Color Pop

In the Spring and the Summer everyone loves a pop of color. No matter what your color scheme is you can tie this in on your tables as well. Layering different color fabrics, like the photograph above, is a great way to add a pop of color!

Greens Down the Middle

Greens down the middle of your table in place of table runners are beautiful. It provides a simple yet sophisticated feel and can be accented with almost any look. Eucalyptus works great for this. This look accents wooden tables perfectly as well!

A Touch of Nature

If you are feeling outdoorsy this table decor is just right for you. You can accent with burlap, stones, cut slabs of wood or candles. This decor is perfect for outdoor weddings!

Full Coverage Table Cloth

The ultimate formal look is table cloths. It gives your guests a feel of sophistication and fills the table out completely. If you are looking for a tablecloth look, check this one out!

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