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Don’t Miss the Big Turn Music Festival

Don’t let the winter chill keep you away from the charming town of Red Wing, Minnesota this winter. There are still plenty of things to do in Red Wing, MN in the winter, including attending the Big Turn Music Festival! The Big Turn Music Festival is one of the biggest events of the year in Red Wing and an excellent opportunity to treat yourself to a romantic escape at our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast.

The Big Turn Music Festival is just one of the many things to love about Red Wing in the winter, actually – including the fact that it’s only an hour south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. It’s nestled on the scenic banks of the Mississippi River, offering couples great opportunities to enjoy some quiet, wintry solitude, watch eagles soar at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, and otherwise relish the stark landscapes of our beautiful area.

By day, enjoy the sights and sounds of the vibrant Big Turn Music Festival, and by night, enjoy some cozy time unplugged and savoring the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast sits on a 35-acre oasis away from the busy byways and city streets. Gear up for the popular Big Turn Music Festival this year and book your room at our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast today!

guy singing and playing guitar onstage during the Big Turn Music Festival in Red Wing, MN

Don’t Miss the Big Turn Music Festival

The Big Turn Music Festival has become one of Minnesota’s most significant music events. It’s a two-day, city-wide festival featuring 100+ bands from all across the Midwest region that brightens the winter doldrums exactly the way we need. This year’s event promises to be just as great as past events. It will be held at music venues across the city on February 16 – 17, 2024.

To gain access to the Big Turn Music Festival venues, you’ll need a wristband. Tickets can be purchased in advance, which can then be traded in for wristbands, but you can also buy them the day of the events at the Sheldon Theatre in downtown Red Wing. Both one and two-day passes to the Big Turn Music Festival are available.

This year’s Big Turn Music Festival will feature 21 different music venues, with seating capacities ranging from 30 – 500. Each venue is within a 3-block radius from the next, so while you’ll have to brave the cold winter elements to travel between them, you won’t have to do so for long!

Friday’s festivities start at 5:00 pm, with concerts occurring throughout the evening. The last performance for the night depends on the venue, but most have a final performance beginning at 11 pm. Saturday at the Big Turn Music Festival starts and ends at roughly the same times, which means you’ll have a full day to explore the charming town of Red Wing! If there’s a band you really want to see, we encourage you to show up with plenty of time so you don’t run into capacity limits.

Have some fun at the Big Turn Music Festival and relax in this gorgeous guest room at our top-rated Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota

Unwind at the Best Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota

Whether you’ve been to the Big Turn Music Festival before or this is your first visit to our charming river town, you’ll need a cozy – and preferably quiet – place to stay! There’s no better place to rest your head (and your ears) than our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast, located on the scenic outskirts of downtown Red Wing.

Most of the music venues for the Big Turn Music Festival are within 10 minutes by car, and Lyft, Uber, and taxi services are available in town if you prefer not to drive. Other than being located on a quiet and serene 35-acre property, you’ll find that our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast offers cozy and welcoming accommodations.

Our Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota features five romantic guest rooms – a far different experience than the larger and less personalized hotels in downtown Red Wing. Guests who choose to stay with us seek to escape the crowds of the Big Turn Music Festival and enjoy some quiet R&R between fantastic nights of music.

Two of our five guest rooms are large enough to accommodate in-room massages, which may be the perfect way to spend your day between concerts. You may be tired after all of that dancing, after all! Of course, if you’re in one of our other guest rooms, we also offer a separate massage room so you can still relax away the stress you’ve been carrying.

Regardless of your room, all our accommodations feature great amenities and comfortable beds. As you wake up, we’ll have a delicious, multi-course breakfast to enjoy. There truly is no better place to stay in Red Wing, and we’d love to see you for this year’s Big Turn Music Festival. Book your room today!

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